Sunset Flush

Digital Marketing

SRQ Labs approached us to help with the branding and design of their new product Sunset, as well as to initiate a crowdfunding plan to help launch it with some fanfare. We started with a colour palette the company had picked out and developed several ideas around Asian imagery that was refined into what's now the current logo.

The launch and crowdfunding campaign was built from the ground up with an affiliate approch for businesses and media outlets with the same demographics as we're targetting. The content for the campaign page was split-tested and developed with video and interactive elements, and we sourced relevant email lists that allowed advertising, engaged in social PPC and retargeting efforts to engage with potential customers on as many platforms as possible. Combined this lead to the crowdfunding campaign exceeding expectations, raising 318% of the original goal.

Sunset Bottle Design

Social Proof

While customers respond very well to Sunset once they try it, encouraging them to take that first step and order was the biggest hurdle, even if they were already interested. To combat this we worked on content to prove SRQs authority in the space, and set up automatic email asking happy users for their testimonials in exchange for a discount on their next order. This two-pronged strategy worked well and increased the conversion rate of vistitors on the site by 29% - generating an increase in revenue of over £4,000 in the first 30 days after the testimonials were made prominent on the site.

Sunset Flush Free Model


A large part of the success of our campaign for Sunset has come from our content marketing efforts. Producing quality articles and blog posts for popular search terms that make their way up through Google search rankings has dramatically increased website traffic over time. As of right now, organic search traffic (those finding Sunset through Google) is responsible for over 60% of all traffic and represents a similar amount of the total revenue too. Having such a large presence on the web for keywords relating to Alcohol Flush has been a boon for the authority and perception of the brand, making Sunset appear larger and more trustworthy.