Hangover Support

Strategy and Marketing

When Sobur was looking to take it's brand in a new direction, we were delighted to take on the task to rejuvenate its look and make Sobur more exciting for distributors and retailers.

Sobur wanted to move away from their more sensationalistic packaging which, while eye-catching, was limiting in the eyes of potential customers. We created sleek new packaging and a new website which would give a more stylish and reliable message, and created a content marketing strategy that has helped Sobur reach first page rankings on dozens of search terms.

Sobur Bottle Design

Big. Clean. Refined.

Our goal for Sobur was to create a big branding message with a refined appearance, linking the logotype to alcohol while also ensuring that it wouldn't look out of place on store shelves. We went through many branding decisions with the help of dedicated designers to arrive at what we have now. The resulting logo was developed into both full colour for bottles and print, as well as designs with more contrast that are easier to identify on social media and in larger formats.

Sobur Round Logo


As part of our work for Sobur we also handle all outreach, including email, social, and more. Targeted at specific times (such as those when people are getting ready to go out, or when they're hungover) we're able to connect directly with a new audience via social media to introduce them to a product relevant to their needs in a fun way.
Using direct communication we increased conversions from social media referrals by 280%, and significantly increased the brand's presence online.