Pirates Cave

Digital Marketing

After Pirates Cave was acquired from the previous owners we were taken on to help with awareness for the move to a new premises. Work for Pirates Cave grew until we had a member of our team with them in-house twice a week, working with the MD to ensure their digital store was optimised and marketing-efforts were growing the business as fast as possible.

Marketing work at Pirates Cave grew online business 300% over our time there, diversifying their income and removing their physical location as a ceiling on their growth.

Pirates Cave Chandlery

In-Bound Marketing.

An aspiration of Pirates Cave's new ownership was to elevate the average lifetime value for each customer and appeal to new more affluent customers. One of the methods introduced was to make the store more of a destination with events held throughout the year. Along with helping to organise these events, we produced print and digital marketing that brought hundreds of boat-owners from all over the country into the store to buy high-tier electronics, brand-name sailing clothing, and inflatable pleasure-craft.

Pirates Cave Design Guidelines
Print and Digital


One of the largest tasks that was undertaken was to unify the design language Pirates Cave used in their printed media (posters, leaflets, adverts) and digital marketing (email, social, content, and PPC). We selected clean fonts to use in advertising, which were set in appropriate sizes and colours that were used consistantly to give the brand a consistancy and feel of a company with a larger design budget. These were used in all of our design work for Pirates Cave, which comprised everything from emails and social, to posters and books.