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Sunset approached us to help with their blog's search visibility and we ended up working together on their brand redesign and Search Advertising too.


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A nutraceutical that enables its customers to reduce their flushing response to alcohol, Sunset would typically have a hard time with advertising due to social platform’s constraints around alcohol and products that help medical conditions.

They approached us in order to build out a full suite of SEO-optimised material that would help them bring in customers to their site without relying on fickle advertising.

After analysing their existing content, we found several niches that we could expand the library of content into and wrote tens of thousands of words across dozens of articles that would eventually see the company getting thousands of hits a day across it’s properties.

This process took approximately nine months to come to fruition but now the company has a strong and growing pipeline of visitors that works for them while the sleep and earns them substantial profits every month through the organic reach alone.

Product Design

When the team at Sunset had seen the work we’d done with other supplement companies, they asked us to look into developing a new look for their product to better match the market and provide an eye-catching hook for new customers.

Looking through the existing products and supplements available we couldn’t find anything that really resonated with the brand and decided to take the bottle in a bold new direction by colouring the bottle instead of the label.

The bright red of the bottle makes the product stand out on the shelf (and Amazon listings) amidst a sea of clear, amber, and white bottles. Based on eye tracking and click-mapping software tests, our redesign stood out more and was substantially more attractive to visitors than the alternatives we prepared for Sunset.

Renders were prepared in-house and are now seen by tens of thousands of people everyday and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for Sunset in the last six months.

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